My take on Peyton Manning’s future.

3 Jan

Up front I am a Colts fan and a Peyton Manning fan. I have watched him over the past 14yrs give his life to that franchise and yes he was paid well for his services but now we are hearing all about how Peyton should be put to pasture just like all race horse studs. The thing is Peyton is not finished and until I hear that from his own mouth. I believe he will come back healthy next year and even with the number one pick and everyone saying they should choose the QB of the future in Andrew Luck who I hope will go on and be a great NFL QB but I do not think the Colts need him right now. Look there are a great deal of QB’s in this draft and possibly using that number one pick to get players and a slew of picks for the 2012 and 2013 drafts. I believe the best option that played in that game last night was not Andrew Luck but Justin Blackmon could you picture an offense with Peyton at the helm with Reggie Wayne on the left and Justin Blackmon on the right. The picks they have then can be used rebuild the defense especially the secondary. I do not think the right play however is for the Colts to waist a number one pick on a player who will carry a clipboard behind Peyton for at least for four years. I believe that the Polians were let go perhaps because they wanted to let Peyton go and Irsay sees that he is becoming healthy and will play out the rest of his contract. Given the gift of the first pick means the Colts will not have to wait for a QB to mature before they reach the Super Bowl again they can use the picks and players they get for the number one pick and free agents to reach the Super Bowl not in a long time but next year and over the next four years. It would be great to see Peyton have the support of the fans and finish his career like John Elway did with two to three Super Bowls in a row and finish with a dynasty.


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3 Jan

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